Monitoring Sensu Ubuntu

Sensu and Mailer Alert Handler

A working example of sensu mailer-handler plugin for sending out email alerts.


Signing Multiple Domains with the same OpenDKIM Key

Below is a working KeyTable and SigningTable example for OpenDKIM that uses the percent character (%) to replace the domain of the sender while generating the signature. # SigningTable # If the first field contains only a “%” character, it # will be replaced by the domain found in the From: # header field. Similarly, […]

Google Cloud pfSense Security Ubuntu

Site To Site IPSEC VPN Tunnel Between Google Cloud And AWS with pfSense

Been porting workloads from AWS to GCE lately and one big piece of infrastructure that I rely on is pfSense. pfSense is a FreeBSD based appliance which does advanced routing, firewall and VPN for your cloud-based infrastructure. Using pfSense, one can establish IPSEC tunnels between the various AWS regions and the clients office network. While […]