After all the talk about GNOME2/Gtk2 and stuff at the last LUG meet, I installed the complete GNOME2 environment from ports. GNOME still sucks but Gtk2 sure looks fabulous with Anti Aliasing. Very nice.

Gaim recompiled with Gtk2 is gorgeous.

While I was at it, I gave e17 from CVS a shot. This thingy is totally unusable. It exits if you right click 😉

At the end of the day, I am back on e16. “smooch”

So much for my desktop adventures. 😉

BTW: Todays -CURRENT works fine. If anyone is contemplating a buildowrld, go for it now before they break things again. Oh, the PCM UMA warnings still fill my syslog but other than that, everything else “seems” normal.

FreeBSD -CURRENT "buildworld" in progress

My PC was down for the last 10 days with a broken SMPS which was finally fixed yday by the vendor. Catching up with the latest -CURRENT ATM. Apparantly, lots of bugs with the KSE and UMA patches have been fixed and the OS is now relatively stable. Heh, will know as soon as my “buildworld” completes.