Homepage tweaks – Yahoo Messenger Status Icon

It's 1 AM in the morn and the only thing thats keeping me awake is the metal noise courtesy Anthrax.

Whacked the nifty Yahoo Messenger online status thingy from Kalyan's home page. I wonder if AIM, Jabber and MSN have this feature too.

Too late to be working but not too late for some hacking! 😀

BTW: If you have not noticed, I eat, drink and sleep Anthrax!


Concert: Thermal And a Quarter

Thermal And a Quarter were playing today at the Gurunanak Hall and Mrinal, Sony and myself went for the show. What can I say about the show? Hmm… the first half of the concert primarily had new tracks from their forthcoming album which I personally found boring. The second half had stuff from their older album and was quite good.

Met Sneha Francis at the concert, she is in Bangalore for the weekend. We also bumped into Bindu Chacko (Biju's sister), she is getting married to Bruce (Thermal and a Quarter front man) this thursday.

Best wishes to Bindu and Bruce!

Dinner was at Casa's where we discussed college bands, MP3s Vs CDs Vs Tapes, Beta Max Vs VHS and FreeBSD Vs Other OSes.

I had enuf progressive rock for one nite. /me goes back to trusty Anthrax….!


CDR's Anyone?

Just back from a shopping spree on SJP Road. We bought 220 blank CDRs. 100 Mitsubishi Golds, 20 Samsung colored CDRs and 100 Frontech unbranded spindle. 220 numbers is a personal best for me 😀

The Frontech unbranded costs just Rs. 11 a piece.

Oh, there is this place on SP Road which sells pirated DVDs for Rs. 160. Wow, if thats how much a pirated DVD costs, there is no way I am going to pay my DVD rental guy 50 bucks for this cheap shit.