Wiki escapedes!

I need a wiki to move all my tech writings to. Get it sorted, organized and searchable. I have tried the following:

  • phpwiki

    – Easy to setup, installable from FreeBSD ports
    – Content addition is straight forward
    – UI could do with an upliftment
    – Works with flat files

    I ran into a problem where it would crib about PHP errors while updating the files. On refresh, I could see that that the content was indeed getting updated. Lost interest before I could debug further.

  • MediaWiki

    – Uses MySQL and has a straightforward setup procedure. Well documented.
    – Very slick and powerful. MediaWiki powers Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia
    – You have learn a whole lot of new wiki specific tags to get things added the way you want. Loads of documentation, reading them is tiring and boring.
    – Once I have my content added, it sure is going to be way more easier to work with than my current system of flat files

    I will be going with MediaWiki for now. I doubt development will stop on this since it powers wikipedia.

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    By Shanker Balan

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