What do the Americans think of India?

I helped a dude on #freebsd (irc.openprojects.net) and we kind of got talking:

xYz: what country u live in?
sshanub: India
sshanub: and you?
xYz: dang does it suck there?
xYz: US
xYz: United states
sshanub: depends on yoru view point
[ .. ]
xYz: do people still wear no clothes like tribal stuff?
sshanub: lol
xYz: lol
sshanub: well, i am wearing a Levios red tab
sshanub: Levi's
sshanub: 😀
[ .. ]
xYz: i got everything i want
xYz: 35″ tv
xYz: in my room
xYz: 1.4 ghz pc
xYz: nice stuff
xYz: then the house is nice
xYz: make about 100k a year
xYz: 100k+ a year
xYz: i need to stop taking thing for granted
xYz: heh
[ .. ]
xYz: do you know what A+, n+, msce, ccna, ccnp is?
sshanub: a lil bit
[ .. ]
xYz: are you fortunate to have a pc
[ .. ]
sshanub: what do you drive?
xYz: i drive a ford ranger
sshanub: k
xYz: what do you drive a horse or soem shti
xYz: get on a wagon to work?
sshanub: at home i have a mercedes
xYz: home?
sshanub: yeah, my folks are ina diff place
xYz: god US rules
xYz: heh
xYz: your ecnomy sucks?
xYz: ours is bad right now
xYz: so you make shit money over there
xYz: heh
sshanub: we dont see companies going bust with billions of dollars
xYz: cause u dont have any companies
xYz: like ours
xYz: and bitch's hit the world trade center
xYz: thats why
[ .. ]
xYz: do u got cable?
sshanub: yeah
xYz: how many channels?
sshanub: around 80+
xYz: koo
xYz: i thought you were going to say 3
xYz: lol
xYz: how big tv u got?
sshanub: 29″
xYz: not bad
xYz: ;0
xYz: i got a 35″
xYz: 52 in front room
[ .. ]
xYz: my dog lives better than people in your ocuntry probaly
xYz: he sleeps in bed and stuff
xYz: he gets food
xYz: like steak
xYz: and eggs
xYz: + regular canned dog food
xYz: and cookies and stuff
xYz: heh
xYz: he lives better than some humans
sshanub: heh
sshanub: good for the dog
xYz: what u dont like our life style?
xYz: yeah im feeding him donuts right now
xYz: u dont like americans?
xYz: cause ur not one?
sshanub: i got nothing against americans
sshanub: they just thnk that their country is the best
sshanub: which is like a frog living in a well

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By Shanker Balan

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