Way out Weekend!

Swell of a time, the last 72 hours have been. one thing leading to another and then cometh the Monday!


Puja at Aunt's place at Jayanager. Ate more Udupi food in one day than I have done in the last year. Sitting on the floor and eating from a banana leaf is still the pits. Thank goodness we had a buffet option this time round and no need for taking shirt off, a prerequisite if you are a white belt holder and are at a Bhramin function for an after puja feast!


Cuz Kiran is in town for a week before he leaves Madras for IIT Delhi, it'll probably be a good year before he comes back down south again. What better way to spend a Saturyday night than to go pub hopping. Guzzlers for some Rock 'n Roll, Bunker's coz they didnt have no steenkin cover charge and Ego's for a dose of healthy club music. Heavy metal at Styx was way outta reach – 300 bucks per head and we were 6 ppl. Topped it up with dinner at Imperial at midnight.


After some confusion at Rex, we were awarded 5 tickets for the 6:30 show of Bruce Almighty. Thanx to an extremely overpowering dual with the Manager by our very own almighty . The movie sucked though!

Charlie's Angels is next week! Woohoo!

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By Shanker Balan

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