The "Why I liked boom" entry!

Most people hated Kaizad Gustad's Boom and they hated coz it wast wasn't something that they expected to see, atleast not on the the Indian silver screen. Boom is the perfect kinda of movie to reflect how stereotyped and boring the typical Indian audience is.

Consider this, I ask this dude who comes to the gym for his review on Chalte Chalte which he happened to see “First Day First Show” and got the usual response – “Fantastic movie da… excellent music da… superb photography da… but the second half is kinda boring but thats okay. It will be a super hit”. So whats the big difference between Chalte Chalte and other desi flicks? Nothing!

Whats the difference between the “formula” desi flicks and Boom? EVERYTHING!!!! Its different, just like Quentin Tarantino flicks and thats what makes it interesting. Gritty as puts it.

So what if Amithab Bachan does not play his usual “I am Vijay, Me angry young man” roles? I am not an AB fan, in fact I think he is a bad actor – period. This movie just confirms how bad people can act when they are given roles which are not designed for them. Gimme one A grade movie star who will shine in non-formula films!!! Gimme a Johny Depp desi clone!!! Aamir Khan? Nah! I really cant think of anyone.

Boom does not give the audience anything to “take” back with them. No new dance moves, no catchy lyrics, no picturesque locations, no nothing! It's not a mass audience movie to begin with!!! People still have to get over the fact that this isn't a commercial/serious HINDI movie – It's a crossover tongue-in-cheek flick which just happens to have a “Made In India” tag on it.

Bah! Why do I even bother??? People still wont get the point and we could go on and on…

Go watch the movie and judge for yourself. Oh yeah, the dubbing is sad, watch the English version on DVD/VCD if you can.

By Shanker Balan

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