The Leela Palace

Forgot to make my usual “What I did this Sunday” entry on time:

Prashant's sister's wedding reception was last Sunday (15th) at the Leela Palace on Airport.

We ( Sony and myself) both knew that the Leela was a high end Athlon grade hotel and a wedding reception at this place would also be on the same level. So we made sure that we had a set of formal clothes to wear for the occasion the night before. We and Prashant's dad were the least formal of the lot. All the others were total suit/boot types!

It was pouring on Sunday evening and we took an auto from Malleswaram to the Leela which turned out to be pretty good for two reasons – we would not have got wet and 2, we would not have been the only dudes wearing jackets. Boy that would have been embarrassing.

This was my first time to the Leela and boy this place is HUGE. Totally awesome when it comes to sheer grandeur – fountains, chandeliers and long/wide hallways all over the place. The reception venue itself was spread over 3 huge halls which includes separate halls for soup and desert section. They however had the lousiest color scheme I have seen – pink all over the place. Perhaps they had Barbie in mind when they were building this place! 😉

The food: The spread was good but not _that_ good. The best part of the dinner was the pasta which was being being cooked right there. The soups were pretty decent also. I had both the Almond soup and Wonton soup. The wonton soup was “assembled” right before you.

The major let down was the desert scene – apple pie + vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse, some weird mocha pastry, rasmalai and some more crap. The stuff from Casa's tastes better then this. One thing is for sure, I am not going back in that place on my own money!

Windsor Manor is still the best star grade hotel I have been to in Bangalore when it comes to food AND the desert!

Oh, I think I am falling sick thx to , have been sneezing all day long.

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