The Digital Revolution! Finally?

Siti cable is soft launching CAS in Bangalore soon. Of course, they are not branding it as CAS but lightly calling it “Siti cable launches 100+ digital channels (audio + video) with no recurring deposit. Contact your local operator for a demo”

Went in the morn to meet Reddy, my cable operator. Sure enough, he had his demo piece ready but has not received the SIM card from Siti cable. Right now, he gets only FTA channels on the STB and he should be getting his SIM later in the evening. Currently, Siti Cable will provide both FTA and pay channels on the digital feed at the same analogue rates which will go away once CAS becomes mandatory in non-metro areas.

The STB is a Conax OEM with standard features. Stereo out, loop out, composite and RF ports, EPG, MPEG1/2, R/C but no SPDIF/optical out. Just the bare minimum. Priced at a stiff Rs 3500/- with another 400 bucks for the SIM. Sales and service is handled by Sky vision on SP Road. Considering that the STB is not usable with any other provider, outright purchase seems like a dead investment.

3500 bucks will sure get me what I wanted for the last 13 years – stereo audio and MPEG2 video.

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By Shanker Balan

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