CloudStack XenServer

Recover XenServer VHD Volumes

So you blew up your CloudStack installation and all you have is a chain of XenServer VHD files on your primary storage. The recovery process would involve creating a coalesced volume from the available VHD chain files. The steps outlined in CloudStack’s CreateVolumeFromSnapshotCommand API says…

CloudStack Ubuntu XenServer

CloudStack Ubuntu 10.04 XenServer Template

Ubuntu 10.04 XenServer installation from ISO failing on CloudStack comes up often for discussion on IRC #cloudstack and the CloudStack mailing lists. There is also a JIRA ticket CLOUDSTACK-4504 raised for the issue “VM creation Is failing using the Ubuntu ISO with Xen 6.1 and 6.2”. The usual error is “Unable to create a deployment […]


CloudStack “simple” Advanced Network Example

Before we begin, please do read the following links for a basic understanding of CloudStack’s networking concepts. CloudStack Manual About Physical Networks Section CloudStack Advanced Network Tutorial Step by Step Understanding CloudStack’s Physical Networking Architecture Chapter 15. Managing Networks and Traffic Confused yet? 🙂 Here is one more article for creating an Advanced Zone in […]