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What Guest Operating Systems Does CloudStack Support?

Apache CloudStack works with a variety of hypervisors and a single CloudStack cloud deployment can have multiple hypervisors implementations. Some of the more popular hypervisors supported by CloudStack are Linux KVM, XenServer and VMware vSphere.

It is a generally perceived that the Cloud Management Platform (CloudStack) does magical things to support guest operating systems like Windows, Linux or BSD on the hypervisor hosts. In reality, CloudStack is just a consumer of the hypervisor’s capabilities. The ability of CloudStack to provision various guest operating systems is directly dependent on the hypervisor used.

Not all hypervisors are created equal and there-in lies the problem. Depending on the hypervisor vendor and the hypervisor version, the latest and greatest Operating System might have full, minimal or no support at all by the hypervisor.

As of CloudStack 4.2, the listOsTypes API returns the following list of Operating Systems as supported…

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