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CloudStack And Primary Storage NFS Performance

A minimal CloudStack deployment has one zone, one pod and one cluster running with a single shared NFS primary storage. The shared storage hosts the virtual disks for all instances running on the same cluster.

Multiple instance of different types and workloads are hosted on the same cluster. Instances running disk bound workloads like database services compete with instances running CPU/Memory bound tasks like application services. This can lead to unpredictable IO performance as instances are competing for the same shared disk resources. As load increases on the storage server, disk performance on all instances start to degrade.


Review: Synology Disk Station DS210J

Bottom line – I am not the typical “home/small office” user. For my needs, I should have looked at a desktop class performance which is provided by the higher end Synology models. Given the cost constraints, I find the DS210j as an acceptable compromise. But for most real home users out there, this just might be the no headache/low maintenance storage device you are looking for.