Mac OSX Cisco IPSEC Client Configuration

Updated #1 (20140415): The Cisco VPN configuration instructions are available in the Apple Enterprise Deployment Guide How do you configure a IPSEC VPN server with Apple Mac OSX client compatibility? There are various HOWTOs on the net that tell you how to configure various VPN appliances and IPSEC software (Racoon, StrongSwan, OpenSwan etc) to work… Continue reading Mac OSX Cisco IPSEC Client Configuration

Burning bin/cue on Mac OS X

Mac OS X has a very simple and efficient tool drutil(1) which can directly write bin/cue sheets from the command line. There is no need to battle with the traditional tools cdrtools and cdrdao to do the same. shanu% drutil burn -noverify -eject foo.cue Burning Image to Disc: foo.cue Burn completed. [ad#ad-post-banner]

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Upgrading E71 Firmware

Updating firmware on the Nokia E71 can be done from Windows only. This is silly, Nokia already provides everything else for the Mac OSX; The Photos are managed by iPhoto, the music via iTunes, contacts via Address Book, Calendaring via iCal. All of these happen via the Nokia PC Suite and iSync. So why cant… Continue reading Upgrading E71 Firmware