CloudStack Ubuntu

CloudStack Attach Volumes On Ubuntu Not Working on KVM

Adding new volumes to an Ubuntu Lucid guest instance running under KVM hypervisor seems to not work automatically. The newly attached device is visible to the Ubuntu guest OS only after a reboot. To replicate the issue… Create a Ubuntu Lucid guest instance on KVM Create a new data disk Attach the new data disk […]


CloudStack Advanced Zone With Security Groups

A Shared Network in CloudStack can be used to assign public IPs to guest VM instances instead of internal private IPs. A Guest VM with a routable public IP is directly reachable from the Internet without using any NAT services. Services providers usually create a one or more shared networks with public subnets to provide […]

CloudStack FreeBSD OS

What Guest Operating Systems Does CloudStack Support?

Apache CloudStack works with a variety of hypervisors and a single CloudStack cloud deployment can have multiple hypervisors implementations. Some of the more popular hypervisors supported by CloudStack are Linux KVM, XenServer and VMware vSphere. It is a generally perceived that the Cloud Management Platform (CloudStack) does magical things to support guest operating systems like […]