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FreeBSD 10 On CloudStack + KVM

Motty Cruz, recently reported having issues installing and running FreeBSD on his CloudStack 4.2.1/CentOS 6.5 KVM environment. My environment is very similar, except that I prefer to run FreeBSD on XenServer instead of KVM. FreeBSD 10 and later versions have XENHVM support possibly making Xen a better platform for FreeBSD. So does FreeBSD have issues […]

CentOS CloudStack

Network Bonding With CloudStack and Linux KVM

If you had 3xQuad port network controllers having a total of 12 usable ports, your network bonding+bridging could look as below: On CentOS/RedHat, the network settings would be as below:


CloudStack “simple” Advanced Network Example

Before we begin, please do read the following links for a basic understanding of CloudStack’s networking concepts. CloudStack Manual About Physical Networks Section CloudStack Advanced Network Tutorial Step by Step Understanding CloudStack’s Physical Networking Architecture Chapter 15. Managing Networks and Traffic Confused yet? 🙂 Here is one more article for creating an Advanced Zone in […]