XenServer On Mac Mini

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Am pleasantly surprised that XenServer 6.1 installs natively on 2012 MacMini 6,1 without a fuss as below:

  1. Download XenServer 6.1 ISO from Citrix and burn to a CD
  2. Boot via an external CDROM drive
  3. Complete installation. WARNING: This will wipe out your pre-installed Mac OSX copy on the system.
  4. Boot the Mac Mini into recovery mode using command+r
  5. Launch the Terminal from Utilities menu
  6. Run “bless –device /dev/disk0s1 –setBoot –legacy” from the command prompt followed by a “shutdown -r now“. See Blog Post at
  7. Boot natively into XenServer
  8. Run XenCenter on a Windows machine (I have XP running as a guest under VMware Fusion on my laptop) and connect to the newly installed XenServer hypervisor host
  9. Activate the free license key
  10. Create VMs

Update (20130825): The “lab” has now been augmented with a 2nd Mac Mini (late 2012) and an upgrade to XenServer 6.2.

Update (20130927): I now have 2 Mac Minis running XenServers 6.2 upgraded to full 16GB of memory and additional USB Ethernet adapters. These are being used to run nested XenServers for CloudStack use

Update (20131105): XenServer 6.2 also works on Mac Mini bare metal. However, since XenServer does not do nested virtualiaation, I have since replaced XenServer with the VMware ESXi (the free version) on all the Mac Minis. Now, I am able to run XenServer inside ESXi and have guest OSes with full PV support.

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