CloudStack And DNS Services

The CloudStack “Virtual Router” provides “Private DNS” services for guest instances. The hostnames can be set from the Add Instance creation wizard or directly via the deployVirtualMachine API call. Instances that are created with the “Name” (Optional) parameter will have it’s forward and reverse DNS entry set to the user defined value. In the screenshot […]

CloudStack FreeBSD OS

CloudStack Guest Scripts

Sometime back, I made modifications to the original generic CloudStack cloud-set-guest-password and cloud-set-guest-sshkey to make them work on other Linux distros and FreeBSD. You can find them on Github.

CloudStack OS

DHCP Hostname Updates for CloudStack Templates

The Working with Templates section from the CloudStack Administrators Guide describes in broad strokes how to create OS templates. In addition to the steps mentioned there, you might need an extra step to update the hostname settings during DHCP depending on the Linux distribution.