Steve Porter At Ruby Skye

Went for this and now plan to go to this. I am going to be sober for DeadMau5 cause I cant remember a darn thing about last nights party 🙂

So I did make it to the Deadmau5 set but got to the club very late. Was almost 2310 by the time we got there and were greeting by a long Q outside. Took another 35 minutes to get in. Deadmau5 started only by midnight so it was ok.

The set was particularly very good. The rock/break/electro change of pace before Daft Punk's harder better faster stronger (Deadmau5 Edit) was probably the best part of the show. The boring part of the show is that most of the tracks are Deadmau5 productions (because youve already heard it so many times).

Oh, I didnt book tickets in advance when I had the chance, ended up paying 40$ instead of the pre show rate of 25$. I could kick myself for being lazy. And I seem to have deleted the event pics off the memory card and iPhoto (Doh).

This should be my last weekend in California. Looking forward to an equally happening weekend in HK this week.

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By Shanker Balan

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