Speaker Audition Round II

Did another trip to Chennai last weekend to narrow down on my speaker search. Apart from the brands I listened to last time, this time I also had Boston Acoustics and B&W Speakers.

B&W Speakers 600 Series 3

Classic British speakers with perfect detail and clarity. Ideal for clean instrumental music especially Jazz, classic rock etc (none of which I listen to right now). I had big hopes that the B&W would be the perfect replacement for my pair of Bose 301s. After listening to it, I should be ready for this clean a sound when am 40.

Boston Acoustics

These speakers are OK. Very muddy at high volumes. The bass guitar lines simply disappeared at higher than room level volumes. Besides, for the price they were quoting, it is so not worth it.

Definitive Technology

I was particularly impressed by the sound pressure levels by these guys. But after round 2 of listening tests, I think I’l pass.

Klipsch Synergy Series

Klipsch has really spoilt my ears now. The horn tweeters on these monsters filled up the room with enough sound to make it feel like an arena. This went really well with the drums of Sepultura, the acids n breaks from the Chemical Brothers and also the ambient.

Klipsch Reference Series
Klipsch Synergy Series

Rel Acoustics

The tiny powered sub from Rel complemented the Klipsch remarkably well by filling up the void at the lowest end of the spectrum with bass that kills!

So far I have narrowed down to either the Klipsch Reference series or the Klipsch Synergy Series paired with a big boom Rel.

Overall, it was a good trip to Chennai though I narrowly missed the train. Forgot my tickets and had to go back to pick it up. Fortunately, the train was late by 5 minutes to get to Cantonment Station.

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