Sony PlayStation 2

managed to get hold of a Sony PlayStation 2 gaming console and we had planned a Saturday night gaming party at our place.

Took it out of the bag and the first thing we notice was nice little TOSLINK connector at the back – Jaws dropped!

Saw the Dolby Digital and DTS logo on the cover – Jaws dropped even further!

Saw USB ports on the front panel – Jaws continue dropping!!!

Hooked it it up my Yamaha home theater receiver via the optical cable and we had surround sound. Wooohooo!!!

Put on the demo PS2 DVD. the graphics and digital audio were amazing.

Now to the part where we actually started playing some games. Lets see.. we had Nascar 2000 (which was for the PS1), Driving Emotions, Squad (A FPS shoot-em-up game) and Disney's Dinosaur. None of these titles were really good enough to show off the capabilities of the PS2. The games were issued in 2000 and compared to todays games, they are a huge disappointment. What good is a PS2 is you do not have the cool games which they keep showing on MCM?

Moreover, we only had one controller and that made things even boring. Things would have been really exciting if we had an Unreal Tournament or GTA 3 for the PS2. Basically, the PS2 was a disappointment, only because we did not have decent titles to experience the true power of the console..

BTW: The console which we were using was the base model and has no memory chip or a hard disk which meant that we could not install Linux on it! 😉 And the DVD is region locked and refused to play the DVD which I had lying around at home.

A big thanx to for taking the trouble of getting the PS2 in the first place. It is the coolest console I have seen to date.

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By Shanker Balan

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