Sleep at last!

The Eplaws seminar went very well and we could finally catch up with lots of sleep. I reached home just in time to watch the latest installement of Farscape on AXN.

Farscape is definetly the whackiest sci-fi show on TV these days and yday's was probably the kookiest of them all. They actually manged to get Chuck Jones' Looney Toones characters into it and rendered the story Road Runner style. Unfortunately, I was so very sleep deprived that I dozed off twice during the show.

After the show we had dinner at Mayuri. with and stuffed ourselves with Andhra style “oota”.

Had trouble falling asleep so put on the TV. Oh look its the Osbournes on MTV India. Watched the show and slept off at 12am.

Dinner today is at Windsor Pub at 7:30 courtesy I have been already warned that “Cream Hazelnut” is not available today. Umm guys.. could we go elsewhere??? 😀

Vaibhav has gone to meet up with Ambar. Hopefully, he should be back with the DVDs which Sony had asked him to colect from the US. Star Trek: The Final Frontier on DVD, anyone coming home tonite? ?

BTW: I just added a pic of mum and me (circa 1984) at Cute nah?

By Shanker Balan

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