Review: The Mothman Prophecies

I had bought a bootlegged version of “The Mothman Prophecies” DVD from S.P. Road a a couple of weeks back for 160 bucks which turned out to be a camera print. Since my high (cough!) standards prevents me from watching camera prints, we bugged our local DVD guy to get us a original copy of TMP. He finally got us a original copy of TMP last Saturday.

TMP is a based on true events of people in Point Pleasant, W.V seeing strange moth like beings. Richard Gere plays the role of a reporter who goes to Point Pleasant to investigate the sightings. Incidently, his wife who sustains injuries after a car crash, dies leaving behind sketches of a moth like creature by her bedside.

The movie isn't exactly a horror flick, but more of a psychic thriller with oodles of eerie moments. DVD rocks for these kind of flicks which have unaudible conversations – simply turn on the English subtitles and you are done. 😀

The sound track is pretty good too. It has this great song called “Half Light” by “low” featuring “tomandandy” which I am trying to google ATM.

Apparently, the “mothman” has appeared in an X-files episode.

Official site: The Mothman Prophecies

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