Rerun: Sparks / Kabini

Its been kind of a quiet week for me. Fiddled with a batch execution system, updated FreeBSD to the latest -CURRENT (and broke a couple of things in the process), nuked my old RedHat 7.3 install to make way for the new 8.0 Beta (Limbo) and generally wasted a lot of time trying to download MP3s using Xnap, Gtk-Gnutella, Limewire and Xnap.

Decided to leave office early on Saturday afternoon to do some shopping. Instead we (Sony and Myself) ended up at the Audio Video People on Infantry Road. Its to easy for me to get distracted when I see a electronik store. went there and checked out their Wharfedale speakers, Yamaha receivers and the DVD rental store upstairs.

Wharfedale makes some of the finest European speakers. They had 3 pairs on display but I personally did not like the way they sounded. Somehow, my old pair of Bose 301's had a more “natural” sound than the Wharfedale ones.

They had some really nice powder coated speaker stands going for INR 3500. Who are they kidding??? 3.5K for a half height speaker stand??? Apparently, its locally made. Need to dig up on stand makers to get a better deal. /me needs to replace the old cardboard boxes which I am currently using as my speaker stands before they cave in! 😀

The AVP dude also claims to be a dealer for B&W Speakers and has sold ONE Nautilus in Bangalore. The Nautilus is probably the most acclaimed speakers of its kind whose going price in India is around INR 4.6 lacs. Proud Nautilus owners include the Sultan of Brunei and John Williams.

Meanwhile, was getting impatient waiting for us so we decided to split from the showroom before he blew his top!

Joined up with Vaibhav, Avi and Shef at Sparks and then went over to Kabini for yet another round of Appams and Stew. I wonder how long this Appam craze will last! 😀

The music was terrible at Sparks this time round. The DJ was playing only house and dance stuff to suit the crowd. Totally bland and disappointing. Even the very cool lighting was turned off. Next time, I go in there only after 9:30 PM.

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By Shanker Balan

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