Reliance Web Worlds? Coming soon to a home near you?

Visited the Reliance Web world which just opened up near Padma (Cochin) on Friday. 50+ terminals each having 2mbits of bandwidth, video conferencing, a home theater + plasma screen setup using KEF audio, gaming consoles with force feedback joysticks and game pads. Well stocked on (official and licensed) games including UT2003.

Apparently, its the same experience across all Reliance Web Worlds. I know where I wanna have a LAN party next!!! At .40 ps a min with a little extra something for the gaming, its way cheaper than getting a similar setup for home.

What am curious about is to know whether this sort of broad band experience will make it home. Will Reliance extend this to the home user using their 60,000(?)Km of fibre?


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By Shanker Balan

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