Redid my ~/Mail/ layout

Had a little time on my hands today to move all my Maildir folder to from Mail/folder to Mail/.folder.

Why do this?

To use an IMAP client like Thunderbird/Mozilla to access my maildirs over IMAP. I was hesitant to try the various MUAs as the chances of screw ups with the new fangled clients are higher. Why risk it? With IMAP in between, the chances of it happening are significantly lower.

Some problems though,

– Mutt (my primary MUA), is now listing folders with the dot prefixed against the folder name. Over IMAP, the dot is ignored so the display name looks fine. I think I should make mutt go over IMAP too. Hmmm…

– My .procmailrc and .mutt/mailboxes need serious updating as a result of this move. It has grown wild over the years. Need prune and fix it later.

Otherwise, Thunderbird over IMAP is really nice.

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By Shanker Balan

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