Ready to rumble!

Cuz Bharath finally got his home theater system yesterday. Imported from Singapore, sourced from Burma Bazaar Madras and financed by Bharath's life savings! 🙂

The Speakers: Energy Take 5.2

The Receiver: Yamaha RXV-530

The DVD Player: Pioneer DV-366

And a whole lot of speaker cable, monstrous sub woofer cable and gold plated S-Video connectors! Had trouble calibrating the sub woofer, way too boomy creating ugly bass lines leaving every thing shaken and stirred – enough to get aunt outta the room and running for cover.

First rule of sub placement – if it does not sound right, try moving it all across the room. So we moved it back and forth, twiddled with the LFE level and the crossover controls till around 11PM when we finally got it just right. Of course by which time we did not have the courage to turn up the volume and let the monster loose. Played Metallica S&M in Dolby Prologic II mode at a very lowly -50 DB sound level. Wow and a wow and another wow!

Today's POA:

  1. Go to SP Road
  2. Get gold plated banana plugs – 2 Dozen
  3. Get component connectors – 2 nos
  4. Gold plated RCA Stereo cable
  5. Fiber optic audio cable
  6. Power strip with circuit breaker
  7. Play S&M at -35DB with sub all cranked up! 😀
  8. Fix door, window and table rattles! 😀
  9. Face Neighbour's wrath!

Wonder where I can get Monster cable in Bangalore. Its gonna take too much time to get it sourced from Madras.

All in all a good Sunday, managed to get some social life squeezed in too!

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By Shanker Balan

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