Pongal weekend in Chennai

and myself are in Chennai for the long Pongal weekend.

The non-stop journey on the Shatabdi was excellent to say the least. Very pleasant controlled air conditioning, clean and noise free environment, decent food and service, assorted newspapers. I never knew that the Indian Railways could put togther an experience like this. I would love to have something like this to Cochin. Would make going home so much more enjoyable.

Next time I get on the Shatabdi, am going on an empty stomach. They keep serving something every hour. 🙂

The train was a tad late, It ended up reaching Chennai at 2140 instead of 2115. Took a prepaid auto to Kilpauk where my aunt stays.

Chennai is very pleasant for a change. I think this is the first time I am coming here in winter. So far, the only issue are the freaking mosquitoes in this area. Apparently, the problem has come up only after the Tsunami. Aunt has given me some mosquito lotion to fix the problem. The air conditioner is also keep them quiet.

Aunt gave me a two hour update on the stock market and futures. I didnt understand a single word of what she said (and am supposedly a commerce grad, bah). There is more gyan to come tomorrow so am taking it easy. Am supposed to invest 2000 bucks in different mutual funds every month.

Tomorrow I go speaker hunting.

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By Shanker Balan

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