Pirelli Calendar Weekend on Fashion TV

In case anyone did not notice, it was the Pirelli Calendar weekend on Fashion TV. What was interesting to note was not the women who were featured, but the blokes behind the TV screen – and .

Zoneee: That's Heidi Klum!
Sidcarter: That's Kate Moss!
Sidcarter: Apparently she is the shortest model and holds a Guinness world record.
Zoneee: That's Linda Evangelista!
Sidcarter: Wasn't she featured in a George Michael video?
Sidcarter: That's Karolina Kurkova!
Shanu: …and that's Karolina Kurkova's grand father! 😉

Jokes apart, we a have walking talking model database in and .

And I am in office today when I should be at home sleeping thanks to Nagappa. Next time I shall read the papers first! Not too disappointed though, all the more bandwidth to browse www.pirelli.com/calendar/ 😀

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By Shanker Balan

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