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– Added Site Tracker
– Added Goodle AdSense
– Added .htaccess based redirect to for This will have to do till I move the old domain to

Meanwhile, the e17 login manager entrance is not setting device permissions correctly on FC3. My sound, cdrom drive etc are not owned $USER at login. Too lazy to check what the PAM related problem might be, reverting to GDM for now.

Also, I cant seem to figure out how to change virtual desktops in e17 wm wihout using the menus. It's making things too slow. I have to be content with a single overcrowded desktop for now.

More on FC3, echo 3 > /proc/acpi/sleep does not work on Compaq nx9000. Need to check whether software suspend is built into the FC3 kernel. Else i need to patch it. FC3 takes forever to boot as it is, will be nice to have software suspend work on the laptop.

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