Party On… Sparks / Kabini

Had a great lunch after the movie at 's place. Everyone from Exocore was there excepting . also joined us for Oota (he stayed over at our place after the PS2 session on Saturday night).

Went home and slept till I was interrupted by a phone call. It was 5PM by now and it was time to make evening plans with the rest of the junta. People were being contacted over SMS on possible courses of action. By 7:15PM, we decided on Sparks. The RD group, the Bullet group, would be joining and me at Sparks.

I had never been to Sparks before and this was my first time over there. Sparks is a great place – very spacious, good music and serves great beer.

Had a chat with the in-house DJ Karl. Cool dude! Likes playing lounge and trance and electronic. There was a small 15min period when the music shifted to hip-hop after which we went back to trance. This is probably the first place I have been to which played Daft Punk. Revolution 909 is way too cool.

Sparks also has a dance floor (very small) and some really nice concert style lighting equipment – the ones which spin in every way possible. Very nice.

The sound is very loud and pretty good bass without any “boominess”. Most pubs just go “boom”, this one just shakes ;). They have a pair of speakers for every table which keep the sound even throughout the hall. Nicely done.

Sadly, we left from there by 9:15PM before the DJ could shift to electronic and break beat.

For dinner, we went over to Kabini on Infantry Road for dinner. Had 5 appams, 1 pathri and 2 portions Veg stew. Kabini is THE place I have been looking for – great Mallu food, same mallu price!

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By Shanker Balan

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