Party At The Palace

There are very few times that I can look back at a concert and be overly happy that I spent good money on it. The Stones show last night at Palace grounds was one such show – totally awesome. Looks like DNA networks pulled off the impossible by doing nothing wrong.

The good stuff:
– The amazingly huge and picture perfect plasma screen, could'nt take my eyes off it. The stones just raised the standards of eastern economy edition shows!
– The “long earring” speakers which made sure that you listened to the music rather that just hear it.
– The ultra cool “guitar cam” which gives you a first person view of Ronnie fingering his guitar.
– The strobe lights shining through the arena in the rain, this is gonna look amazing on video. Much better then the usual smoke gun trick.
– No irritating opening act!
– No over crowding, showing or pushing. Enough room for every one to jiggle.
– The RAIN!

As for the Stones, they played really well. Mick, Keith, Ron and Charlie can sure rock. It does not really worry me that they are not as popular as the Beatles, they just made over 20,000 fans last evening who had the best time watching the #1 rock act in the world. But I think age is catching up with them 'coz they forgot to play love is strong and paint it black 🙂

Keep rolling!

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By Shanker Balan

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