New stuff: Timo Maas, Juno Reactor and Sepultura

I hear spends half his paycheck on bowling, well, spends half his paycheck on CDs 😀

Looks like there is a new distributor for independent labels in Bangalore called “Music Gallery”. Planet M is flooded with CDs imported by these dudes mostly death metal stuff. Myself and Sony picked up two hard to find Sepultura albums – Arise and Chaos A.D.

From the other end of the musical spectrum, we bought Timo Maas (Loud) and Juno Reactor (Shango).

Incidently, Timo Mass is #1 on the Billboard dance charts.

Now I need to hunt for the Dirty Vegas CD which is #1 on the Billboard electronic charts. The MP3 which I got off the net simply sucks! Prodigy has a new single/video out called “Baby's Got A Temper”, I dont think it will ever be played in India due to its explicit content. More about the video at

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