Moving up to FreeBSD6

Got my workstation replaced with a newer HP Compaq dc5100 SFF(PM215AV) which sports a faster Intel P4 3.20Ghz CPU with HyperThreading, i915 graphics chipset and SATA disks. Completely rebuilt world and all of my frequently used ports to link against FreeBSD 6 versions of libraries instead of the 5.x compat libs. Zippy stuff!

FreeBSD 6

  • Disk IO is really good. I can completely saturate the network and disk without breathing a sweat with NFS. No side effects like sluggish desktop, skipped music during the whole period.
  • Experienced all round application crash cause they were linked to multiple versions of the same library. Be sure to completely rebuild ports so that it links to newer versions of /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib. If your application crashed, be sure to rebuild it and the dependant ports before blaming the OS. But once recompiled, they work as usual.
  • I dont see a downside to FreeBSD6 right now but then its only been 3 days since I rebuilt with the release version. Previously, I was able to panic the box when writing CDs with a USB writer. I figured out that cdrecord was linked to the wrong version of libcam, a rebuild fixed it. Need to try it again now.

    I am giving a presentation and workshop on FreeBSD at drop by to catch up on everything BSD.

    GNOME 2.12

  • The new clearlooks theme is elegant, goes well with GTK apps running under e17 CVS
  • Applications now lookup howl and other zerconf libraries, just noticed it in Rhythmbox. Need to figure out announcements now.
  • As a desktop environment, no great shakes. I still prefer e.
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