Moved to FreeBSD7 on the Desktop

Long time pending move from FreeBSD 6 to FreeBSD 7 completed today on my (ageing) office desktop. I want to convert my 2nd harddisk to ZFS pools and to play around with Dtrace whenever (which should hapen very soon) our kernel team ports it from HEAD to our snapshots.

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FreeBSD 7.0-HOOHAA-20080618 #1: Sun Jul 13 02:03:42 IST 2008

Interestingly, this same desktop has been upgraded from FreeBSD 4 to 5, then from FreeBSD 5 to 6 and now to FreeBSD 7 over a 4 year period. Even cooler is the fact that each of these upgrades were done remotely over SSH.

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By Shanker Balan

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