More e17 goodness!

So how do you remember window attributes like size, position, desktop, zone (and a dozen others) in e17? Due to the way most GTK/QT applications set their window properties – it makes it quiet difficult to differentiate between child windows. For example, the gaim buddy window and the IM window. A normal “remember” will remember both these windows as being equal.

In e17, you can use the “xprop” (part of Xorg) to get every possible property of a window and use any of these as the “remember” attribute. This works really well on terminals, browser windows etc. I can now do funky things like ensure that the IM window for a buddy always lands on desktop 1 while IM window for buddy X lands on dektop 2.

Too much power is a pain though! 🙂

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By Shanker Balan

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