Men In Black II

Had to wake up early on Sunday morning to catch the morning show of MIB II at Vaibhav, which is a brand new theater just opened up near 's place (Sanjay Nagar). In these days when most theater's are shutting up shop, there are dudes actually opening new ones! WoW!

Things which I really liked about Vaibhav are:

  • Lots of leg room!
  • Seats are comfortable, No butt pain at the end of the movie.
  • The height difference between rows are excellent.
  • The projection equipment is bright and sharp just like watching a DVD at home.
  • Good air conditioning, u can actually feel heavy drafts even at the center of the hall.
  • Sound is smooth, no harsh trebles. The surround levels have been calibrated with the sweet spot at the center, so make sure you sit in the center, otherwise the surrounds are going to be very bright and annoying.
  • Its cheap – Rupees 45 for balcony tickets.

Things which sucked:

  • BASS – The bass is as lousy as it gets. If you are a bass freak like me, you will end up mighty disappointed. But then, none of the other theaters in Bangalore have decent bass anyway. They all suck when it comes to pure earth shaking bass. I hear there is a theater in Pondicherry which has 6 subwoofers. , in case you ever do a Bullet trip to Pondichery, count me in 😀
  • There is NO perfect center seats. The seats layout is like Rex with a walkway in the center. That is so stupid!
  • Sound levels are too low. Someone needs to turn up the volume by at least 3 notches.
  • The movie was not in full screen.
  • The projection kept going off screen and the reel switching was terrible. Very often, the first couple of dialogues kept getting clobbered.

On the whole Vaibhav is a great theater and I hope that we get more English flicks here. Would save us the trouble of going all the way to M.G. Road.

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By Shanker Balan

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