Matrix Reloaded: Take One

Saw Matrix Reload on Saturday at apna Vaibhav, awesome movie.

What's good about it:

  • Really nice “wire-fu” and time lapse action sequences. I can only begin to imagine what *more* do they have in store for “Revolutions”.
  • The soundtrack: Lots of Juno Reactor ( The orgy scene after Morpheus's brain dead speech is awesome. Sadly, not much of nu-metal (Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie) in the movie, it's on the CD though.
  • The plot sure thickens. Now I am just plain old confused. Guess we will just have to wait till Revolutions to figure out exactly what the Matrix is all about and what's Neo's purpose in life. Till then, the following links from
    will do:
    The Matrix Reloaded Transcript
    Matrix Reloaded Theory One
    Common Matrix Reloaded Misconceptions

  • The Nmap/SSHnuke part.

What sucks about the movie:

  • The dialogues. Oh my god… they are atrocious. It's even kornier than George Lucas's Star Wars (Episode I and II).
  • Not as exciting as the first one coz much of the thinking part happens in the first movie. an excellent placeholder to keep the viewer consused till “Revolutions” is out.
  • Carrie Anne Moss… a li'l too old to be running around in a tight suit. IMHO ofcourse!
  • Reading the “To Be Concluded” before the credits! 😀

After the movie had dinner at Sweet Chariot (Yummy Lasgna) and I had this major khaaj for a drink. Sadly, all the pubs were not letting ppl in after 11pm and I had to settle for an “iced tea”. 🙁

This week, get drunk I shall! 🙂

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