Macbook Pro Memory Failure

My Macbook Pro does not seem to like one of the 2Gig memory modules anymore.

Everything was fine till I had to reboot after installing ext2fsx. The notebook would simply beep thrice and continue to stay in the power on gray screen forever. The white LED would also keep blinking thrice. I did have signs of impending doom once before though with applications constantly crashing till I did a full reboot. But that was just once and over a month back.

Sony and I tried everything… reseating the modules, swapping etc. I guess I need to run my MBP with only 2GB till I can get a replacement next business day.


By Shanker Balan

Shanker Balan is a devops and infrastructure freelancer with over 14 years of industry experience in large scale Internet systems. He is available for both short term and long term projects on contract.

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