Look up in the sky… Its a bird, Its a plane… no…..Its Super Man!

This week I did something which I have not done ever since I left Cochin 2 years back – lie on the bed and read comic books with LOUD music in the background. My simple pleasure in life!

Lets see, I think I bought around 13 mags in all. All the super hero stuff, Batman, Superman, Justice League, Spiderman, Spidergirl, Wonder Woman, X-Men and Dare Devil, some of Cartoon Network titles (Power Puff girls and Dexter), Mad and Popular Science.

Its about time that we lusers in India get to read the real thing which is almost on par with the US edition's time lines. For 10 bucks, this is a killer price/performance ratio. INR 130 every month on comic books, the best killer deal ever. /me needs to go to the publishers office on Lady Curzon Road and buy all the back issues, I missed the first 3 issues of most of the titles.

Next month's edition of MAD has a spoof on Star Wars Ep II, cant wait to get my hands on it.

On the geek side, its been a disaster. It started out with a RHL 8.0 beta Install which ended up overwriting my FreeBSD loader. Like a blind man I went around trying to restore it which I finally did. Instead of being happy that I “unscrewed” my “screw ups”, /me decides to go one step further and update the disklabel info and nuked my entire partition table.

End of day I was left with an empty partition table. Win2k, FreeBSD and RHL 8.0 partitions all up in smoke. The most recent backup I had was a week old.

All was not lost, I still had the output of “fdisk -l” on a floppy. Came back on Wednesday morn and made 4 backup of the partn table output and one hardcopy. Used Linux fdisk and created the partn back and I had Linux and Win2k booting like a charm. But things were still not good, If i chose BSD, it would instantly zero out my partition table again. Something was definitely broken on BSD land.

After around a dozen attempts and recreating the table and destroying it again. Sony gives me the wonderful idea of using “dd” to overwrite the BSD loader. I could access /boot/boot1 from Linux after mounting the BSD slices and all I had to do was use this 512 byte file to overwrite the ondisk boot1.

# dd if=/mnt/boot/boot1 of=/dev/hda2 bs=512 count=1
# reboot

And it worked!!!! Yippeeee! I later saw that somebody filed a PR on disklabel which would nuke the partn table. Well, thats what I get for sticking to -CURRENT – Living life on the bleeding edge. 😀

RedHat 8.0 beta Limbo is quite featureful. Couple of my most wanted features are finally in it – LVM and POSIX ACL support. It also features the new Xft2 rendering engine by Keith Packard. The AA font rendering is amazing. Very nice.

I see that has left for Calicut. Enjoy Onam dude. Looks like I am stuck here during the holiday season. Gawd I can smell the “palada” from here! 😀

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