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Ok, I whipped up a LJ journal parser in PHP. Seems to be working fine for me. See shankerbalan.com/lj.php..

Pending updates:
It was going to be a (another) long nite today too so we decided to order in food from the new home delivery guy on Malleswaram 16th cross called “Grills N Oodles”.

I had ordered veg fried rice and half way thru dinner, I noticed a tiny charred li'l cockroach in the plastic container. The thingy was soo tightly packed into the rice that only a veggie eye like mine could spot it. What did I do next? Oh, I just used my spoon and popped it out of the box and continued with dinner! A brave veggie aren't I? 😀

Called up the delivery guy and told him that i found a roach in my food and he quickly sent me a replacement. For some odd reason, the replacement rice did not taste as good as the first one. Perhaps the roach had something to do with it! 😉

Sony was still creating presentation template and which was finally ready by 11pm. I started on converting one of my presentations using the new template and realized that was going to be really time consuming – the fonts, spacing, alignment, bullets, in short everything had to be readjusted. I gave up after converting one slide to the new format.

By around 4am, all the work that was necessary to get the show running was done and we left for home to catch up with some ZZZssss.

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