Linux RealPlayer 10 – very cool!

I troubled upgrade of RealPlayer from 8 to 10 over the weekend. The widget icons were broken and the realaudio streams refused to work. I nuked linux_base-8 and reinstalled it, this fixed the PNG issue (it would have been simpler if I had noticed that the libpng*.so had broken symlinks in /compat and only reinstalled graphics/linux_png instead. Duh!).

The error message was: Couldn't recognize the image file format for file '/usr/local/lib/RealPlayer/share/default/volume_low.png'

Added plugins/ to linux-opera plugin path and went straight to BBC's Radio 1 Essential Mix page. Yowza! The embedded player worked cool except for a player warning on script brokenness on certain browsers. I could listen to the stream which was all I wanted. seems to be stuck on the old rp3 (?) format and refused to work with the G2 codec. Real does not provide support for the older format anymore. This bad since I use for sampling content before music purchase.

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By Shanker Balan

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