HT: Moving To the Living Room

The better part of the Sunday was spent on moving the home theatre into the living room. The bedroom was getting too crowded for comfort. Total weight lugged: 100kg. This should make up for missing gym for the whole week. 🙂

1x Denon 3808: 17.8kg
2x Monitor Audio RS8: 21kg (each)
1x Monitor Audio RSLCR: 8kg
1x REL Strata: 23KG
2x Bose 301: 6kg (each)

The end result is that the sound sounds soo much better in a bigger room thats filled with furniture. I just found a new “sweet” spot to WFH 🙂

The 32″ Sony LCD panel will be moved out once the Tata Sky guys come over to rewire the DTH cable. Also, I can now wall mount the panel since there is so much space in the living room.

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By Shanker Balan

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