Homepage revamp!

I dont know what came over me but all of a sudden I had this major urge to read some HTML code. So I started out with the Exocore website and then moved onto other sites like Linux Today and Slashdot. At the end of it, I just rewrote my homepage.

– No more frames
– PHP almost everywhere
– Some of the tags are CSS controlled. I still need to read more on CSS.
– Changed the counter code to be more intelligent using PHP's session management functions. Shift+Reload no longer increments the counter.
– Some of the pages use PHPlib's FastTemplating mechanism (Thanx )

– Whack the LJ parser code from
– Add some content to the Linux/BSD section. Since I keep giving my config files away, perhaps I shall start by making those available. Do I see a certain smiling? 😉

My home page is at www.shankerbalan.com.

This sucks, I have to fill in the music field by hand. There does not seem to be a FreeDB entry for “The Blackest Album – An Industrial Tribute To Metallica”. It features covers of Metallica in industrial rock. Good stuff if u like weird kind of music.

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By Shanker Balan

Shanker Balan is a devops and infrastructure freelancer with over 14 years of industry experience in large scale Internet systems. He is available for both short term and long term projects on contract. Please use the Contact Form for any enquiry.