Holiday in the heat!

Just about recuperated from the 3 day trip over the weekend to Cochin to make an LJ entry… πŸ™‚

Like planned, the first day was spent having mallu lunch at Grand Hotel and then heading over to Punnamada resorts for a trip down the backwaters of Alleppy on a big ass houseboat ($$$). The ride had to be cut short at 1830 as that is the time when the fishermen spread their nets. Boats are not allowed after that time since they would cut the nets. We had dinner at Punnamada and then returned back to Cochin.

The 1st of of the month is deemed a dry day by the govt of Kerala. We had been alerted of this in advance so that we could BYOB. Needless to say, the boat ride went very well, I hardly remember much. πŸ˜€

Saturday was the 1st ODI between Pakistan and India in Cochin which was part of our itinerary. We ran into a situation there when the cops would not allow Bhasker and Badi to carry their camera into the stadium when it was clearly not mentioned in the rules on the back of the ticket. Apparently, the rule was that still cameras are allowed, movie cameras are prohibited. But this stupid cop refused and wanted to have it written down on the back of the ticket by someone from the police control room before he would allow it in.

Needless to say, we spent the next one hour running around trying to find someone who would authorize us. Finally, 10 minutes before the match started, we bumped into the circle inspector who authorized us and they finally let us in with the camera. Indian cops follow rules when you least want them to! Bah!

I found the cricket match very boring. All the excitement which was built up during the Indian batting session quickly disappeared post lunch when the Pakistani wickets fell. After that, it was a battle to sit in the heat and watch Pakistan bat thru till the last wicket. The Indians inability to take wickets especially towards the end was most frustrating. One thing is for sure – I am not going to watch another cricket match live ever. The comforts of remote controlled TV at home rulez for me.

Drink and dinner was at the Yacht Club at Thevera which is right along the backwaters. They had a (very boring) cricket themed night with Arjuna Ranatunga as the chief guest. Nothing like chilled beer to drown out the heat.

On sunday, we started off with a tour around Mattancherry visiting the Dutch Palace, Jew town etc and then headed over to Fort Cochin for a cruise around the Cochin backwater on a speed boat. Saw the Chinese fishing nets, the big ass ships including The World, which is supposedly the largest apartment ship in the world currently docked at the Ernakulam Wharf.

By noon it started pouring and we had to cut short the tour of Wellington Island. It rained and it rained and it rained. All we could do was pack up and head back home to catch the bus back to Bangalore at 1630.

and have lots of nice pics of the trip.

Fun trip with lots of people.

And finally I have seen a li’l bit of my backyard. Lots more to go though. I am getting a heatstroke just thinking about it! πŸ™‚

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