Guest Registers and Feedback Forms

I made the mistake of signing out the guest register at Tuscan Verve. I initially skipped the phone number for privacy reasons but the waiter insisted that I give him the number. Due to a previous confusion, I ended up leaving my number against my friends name which results in things like…

  • Day 3

    Hi Im Rohan… I got ya no. 4m TUSCAN…Im a party luvin freak n wud like t b ya frnd..Wat ya say? Wud u mind?

  • Day 2

    Hi..Hw ya doin?..Im rohan..Recently I had seen ya in tuscan lounge n ya was really stunning n pretty..if ya dn mind wud u like t b ma frnd?

  • Day 1

    Hi Hottie..Hw ya doin?..Las nite I saw you in tuscan lounge n you were lookin really good n host so i wanna knowmore about you.

    Wonder how long rohan @ +91 98861 68643 will keep at this crap!!!

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    By Shanker Balan

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