Geronimo – The Leap Without A Whimper

I did the bungee jump at Palace grounds last afternoon, the experience turned out to be better than last time since. Tried doing a twirl on the way up as instructed but could not get myself into the right position. It happened too fast to think. 140ft sure is short way down!

Heck, I even forgot to scream “Yahoo….” on the way down! 🙂

Palace grounds is nice at 140ft (even without glasses).

Turns out that Ram is the event manager – the same dude who organized the Yahoo Chennai event and all Yahoo employees were offered a 15% discount for the jump. Looks like HR forgot to inform us about the offer. 15% of INR 600 is a lot of money! :-\

I did get a 10% off on my Manhatten card though!

Waiting for and Samy to get the pictures up! Apparently, there was great lighting at jump off time.

PS: and Arvind Kota passed off their tickets – there were 40+ people waiting to jump before them and it would be just too late in the evening (and Sunday was the last day). Ram helped me jump the queue! Yay! 🙂

Apparently, there is another one scheduled for February 2005.

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