FreeBSD – Grace Under Fire

So I logged into my workstation as usual in the morn, checked mail (mark as read, IOW), started on slashdot and switched desktops to recheck on mutt. No new mail???? WTF!!!


$ tail /var/log/mail
Jan 27 11:09:49 buffy sm-mta[210]: rejecting connections on daemon MSA: load average: 18


[buffy] ~> uptime
11:11AM up 30 days, 16:13, 6 users, load averages: 18.16, 18.43, 18.81


Enlightenment had turned rogue and needed to be killed to get the load averages back to 0. Whats interesting about the experience is that during the entire time, I had no visible signs of slowness at all. I browsed, read mail, listened to my mp3 music, port upgraded did everything I normally do each morn all while the machine was at 18 load. WoW!

Talk about a solid OS. Impressive! If it not for the mail failure, I would not have noticed the problem at all. 🙂

I now have E-LoadMeter.epplet running 🙂

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By Shanker Balan

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