Other Day #3

Project Days Over!!! Finally!!!

Kept going round and round the halls, BOF Tents, Community Square, Dungeon and the Hack Centre. Network held up well today, no need for traffic shaping or DROP rules. Motorola WLAN lost its SSID again (root cause still not known).

The good stuff:

– The PulseAudio Sound Server session by Lennart Poettering ( I have been following the developments for a while now and am glad that the core developer made it to the conference

The bad stuff:

– I got bored after 10 mins in each hall. The talks are way too developer oriented to my liking – code and computer science hurts my brain (as I understand it) unlike previous years, is an attempt at getting developers involved in projects. So where do guys like me (glorified operations engineers) fit in? I take projects and make it work for a large set of people. To do that, I need to

– Be aware of all kinds of FOSS projects out in the wild – Virtualization, desktop, web scripting engines, development IDEs, Operating Systems and tools etc
– How do similar projects compare against each other? GNOME Vs KDE, FreeBSD Vs Linux, PHP Vs CGI, Anjuta Vs Eclipse etc
– How are various organizations using these projects in their line of business
– What does it take to sustain a project internally within a company
– etc etc etc

I am going to take a stab at getting together a PD which deals with something like this for

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