Other Day #1

Day #1

I had already made templates for the network backend config stuff – subnets, interface addresses, wlan, firewall rules, proxy rules etc were all put up on the Team wiki. Copied them all over to the respective servers and p00f, the network was ready to roll.

The good stuff

– Subnetting the wired and the 2 wireless networks allows better control over traffic
– The Motorola Symbol based Wireless network. OMG, this was such a life saver. The existing venue Wlan (powered by over a dozen Cisco APs) was collapsing under the load of 300+ travelling laptops. With both EVENT-WLAN and MOTOROLA-WLAN flooding the entire venue, I found it tough to find a truly blind spot
– Squid delay pools to clamp down the HTTP traffic per IP. Our 2Mbps BSNL link was choked from the word GO.

The bad stuff

– Complains about DHCP working but nothing else. I suspect the 2nd NS box is flakey. Have taken it off the list now. Occasionally, the ping times to ns1 also increases.
– I see rogue “laptops” abusing our otherwise “open” network, need to put in class based queuing or HTB based traffic shaping to bring down usage further
– Get the link working from the 250 seater hall. This is a toughie due to its distance from the main building
– Power problems to the Motorola switch due to lack of UPS. This got resolved later in the evening so tomorrow we should not see MOTOROLA-WLAN being “flakey”.
– Running yet another release of a Linux distro on the backend. Each release is a learning curve and am tired of re-learning things.
– 2Mbps link. We need more bandwidth!!!

Sat out on all the sessions since I didn't care too much for the Project Days. GNOME, KDE, OpenSolaris, Fedora or Ubuntu is not something I use. Maybe next time I can campaign for a Enlightenment or FreeBSD Project Day.

Looking for a more relaxed Day #2.

By Shanker Balan

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