Finally, a phone for myself!

I bought my first ever mobile phone last weekend – the feature packed Sony Ericsson T610 with bluetooth, infrared, and camera.

  • The battery held for 3 days before I had to recharge. Maybe it was because of the first charge, but the T610 took a considerable long time (~2 Hours) to charge when compared to the Nokia 3310 which I was using earlier.
  • The navgiation menus are irritating, fortunately, the shortcuts are quiet similar to the 3310
  • T9 is slightly diff, the T610 uses the '#' button for space instead of '0'. Also, its quiet diffcult to reach the keypads with the thumb. I guess this is true for all small form factor phones.
  • Bluetooth works good, sending images works only upto 60Kb as tested by and friend Paul.
  • Nothing exciting about the camera other than the fact that it has one.

    Cant really complain about the purchase since the other models (from Nokia and Motorola) which offered similar features were atleast 30% – 50% more than the T610. And the national market rates are 30% less than showroom rates.

    Thanks and for letting me beg/borrow/steal your phones for the last three years! 😀

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By Shanker Balan

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